Movement, Dance, Somatics Space In SF (Santa Fe)

Santa Fe Based Non-profit Seeks Collaborators in Co-Creating a Unique Space Here in Santa Fe

We are a non-profit (501c3) organization based in Santa Fe, and we're dreaming of creating a collaborative space with other organizations and individuals in Santa Fe who are aligned with us in purpose. The basic idea is that "we're better together".

As an educational organization, we've been on hiatus since February of 2020, when the pandemic forced us to temporarily shut down our regularly scheduled classes. Our organization has existed for about ten years, and we have offered many classes, workshops, retreats and sessions. We rented dance and movement spaces (hardwood floor spaces) on an hourly basis from places like the Railyard Performance Center, The Studio and Lightfoot Studio.

But we have for some time been longing for one building devoted mostly to the kinds of practices, classes and sessions we have offered--and hope soon to begin offering again. That is, various forms of somatics practices, embodied mindfulness practices, movement meditation, contemplative movement / dance, and the like. We'd like to manage this space as a non-profit, while renting out the use of our very carefully crafted and cultivated space -- a space ideal for contemplative and mindfulness practices -- and somatics practices -- of many kinds. Our idea is to have a very large wood floor of excellent condition, which is always warm and comfortable, along with the rest of the space. It would always be a clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment which is conducive to embodied mindfulness, somatics and dance practice, especially contemplative forms of dance and movement. The space could also be used for sitting meditation groups and would keep plenty of zafus and zabutons for the community to use.

Making sure the space is of the utmost quality and aesthetics for such purposes is key. And we want to maintain deeply kind, respectful relations between all of the members and participants in our project, so that the space always feels -- and is -- sensitive to the needs of everyone involved through excellence in listening and communicating, cooperating and sharing.

If this sounds like the kind of space you'd like to help bring into being, let me know. I'm James. Send me an email today! Thanks!

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