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I am urgently looking for a furever home for this amazing boy. His name is Enver, he's about 2 years old, and we are currently fostering him, but need to find him his people. We have four other cats, and the situation is a lot for everyone, humans and kitties alike.

Enver has been surrendered twice. He was born in our bathroom to a stray cat we found, and he was adopted by some family friends. Unfortunately, around 8 months old, he began knocking things over for attention and playing rough. This winter, we were informed that his first owner had reached their breaking point, and needed to rehome him. One of their kids decided to take him, and we briefly fostered him while they prepared their dorm. However, just two months later, he was returned to us again, citing anxiety, aggression, and destructive behavior.

We have had him since March, and have found that his behavior has not been as extreme as we were told it was leading up to his surrender back to us. He is energetic, and needs to learn some manners, but has not been aggressive with us or our other cats. He does is play a little rough, but he is getting gentler. He does knock thinks over for attention sometimes, but not often.

Currently, we have cleared out a closet with catio access for him, and he goes back into his room when he needs a break from the other cats, so this may be helping his behavior. He is very snuggly, and happy to lay in our laps for hours, especially on days when I am not at my best and need to be off my feet. He loves playing with pom-poms and fishing rod toys. We have tried clicker training him, but he's a bit slow on the uptake, to be honest. He spends a lot of his time napping on our couch.

!!!! We believe he would do very well in a home that will give him a lot of focused attention and patient correction when needed !!!!!

Our experience has been that he would probably cohabitate well with one or two other cats, but this was not his previous owners' experience, so it also depends on any established cats' temperaments. He gets along very well with our chill senior, but butts heads with our younger cats. He would also likely be happy as a singleton, as long as he had plenty of enrichment.

My partner and I are very invested in making sure Enver finds the right people, especially with his history of rehoming. If you are seriously interested, please text me and we can begin talking.

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