Personal Assistant/Caregiver ($25/hr) (Santa Fe)

compensation: 25/hr
employment type: part-time
job title: Personal Assistant/Caregiver
I am a forty-something artist who, while relatively self-sufficient, requires daily support due to a variety of chronic illnesses. I’m looking for someone who can provide long-term, reliable assistance with administrative, medical, and household tasks. This person will primarily work independently, within a small and skilled team of kind and creative humans.

I’m looking to hire someone who can wear many hats: who can focus on details while tracking lots of diverse (and occasionally eccentric) tasks, is an impeccable writer/communicator, and can provide compassionate, grounded support. I need someone who is committed and dependable. As such, this position is not a good fit for someone with competing commitments or responsibilities.

This position also requires you to be considerate and respectful of my many unique needs, which include extreme electrical, scent, and noise sensitivities. Most importantly, this means you cannot use scented body care or laundry products and are not able to have a cell phone (or apple watch, etc) on around me. You can use your personal electronics throughout the shift while not in my presence.

The job includes the following duties:

Administrative support,
including tasks such as:
• tracking expenses
• updating spreadsheets
• ordering/tracking supplies
• general organization
• taking dictation for email correspondence, etc
• scheduling appointments
• internet research
• website updates
• communicating and coordinating with a small cooperative team

Caregiving, including tasks such as:
• providing a compassionate and caring presence
• driving me to appointments
• communicating with others on my behalf
• grocery shopping or other errands
• changing heavy jugs of drinking water
• providing support with creative projects
• occasional light cleaning/laundry*
• helping to care for a very sweet 25lb dog

Medical Advocacy, including tasks such as:
• online medical research
• updating health documents, tracking symptoms, etc
• advocating for my needs over the phone or in-person
• accompanying me during travel for medical care
• navigating emergencies or life-threatening situations (with support)

*I am also looking for a dedicated and detail oriented weekly cleaner, so please let us know if you would be interested in filling that role as well!

You are the right person for the job if you are:

• Very organized and admin-minded.
You’ll need to keep an eye on the big picture while paying strong attention to details. We’re looking for someone who can complete tasks efficiently, while optimizing office systems and interfaces.

• Dynamic and excellent at multitasking.
This position requires the ability to juggle a variety of things at once, while keeping them all organized and accounted for. You need the ability to pivot between tasks and roles.

• Self-directed and take initiative. You must be able to manage time, tasks, and yourself independently. You should be able to anticipate needs or problems, make suggestions, and act accordingly.

• Truly computer savvy. Please only apply if you have experience with Macs and a range of software, and can comfortably use Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Bonus if you have experience with web design, programming, or photoshop.

• Comfortable with responsibility. You must be able to effectively manage sensitive information and act as an effective medical advocate, whether over the phone/email or in person.

• Good under pressure. You should be able to remain calm and collected during crises (though we’re not planning on any!) while maintaining the ability to respond strategically and make important decisions if needed.

• A good writer. You’ll be handling my email/text/phone communication. I’m a writer myself, and it’s a point of professional pride that our correspondence reflects competence.

• Self-aware and skilled at communication. Please have a good understanding of yourself, including your needs and boundaries, and be able to communicate that effectively. You should be comfortable giving and receiving honest yet kind feedback.

• Committed and reliable. After a trial period to ensure it’s a good fit, you must be able to commit to the position for at least a year. You must reliably show up to your shifts on time, and arrange coverage in advance if you would like to take time off (which is very welcome). This position requires flexibility and willingness to cover for other assistants as needed/possible.

• Physically capable of required tasks. You'll need to be able to perform physical tasks such as lifting heavy jugs of water, climbing stairs, bringing in large packages, carrying heavy groceries, etc.

• Bonus: Creative or artistic. Not a requirement, but certainly a bonus! If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “how can I make this spreadsheet look more appealing, while I’m making it more useful and efficient?” you will fit right in here. I also frequently need help with artistic projects, so all the better if you are creative as well.

Work Schedule
Shift: 12pm-10pm. Earlier is not an option*, but you could start and end a bit later if desired (ie. 1-11pm). If you choose to work three days, the additional day(s) could be a shorter shift. *If you fulfill the role of cleaner, it may be possible to have one earlier shift per week.

The position starts at 2-3 days and 20-30hrs per week. The days should be consecutive (ie. Mon-Wed), but which days you work is up for discussion. While you will have a set weekly schedule, flexibility is a must to allow coverage for other team members in case of emergency, vacation, or individual creative pursuits (with the knowledge that the same flexibility for time off will be afforded to you!)

If you can commit to a regular weekly schedule with the above specifications, please let us know your ideal hours and availability in your cover letter.

If you are interested in a similar position with more hours, responsibility, and salaried pay, please see the managerial position we are currently hiring for here: https://santafe.craigslist.org/etc/d/santa-fe-personal-office-medical/7749580062.html

Work will primarily take place between an office space (off St. Francis/Rodeo) and my residence (currently near Harry’s Roadhouse). Errands can also be part of the job. Miles driven during working hours are reimbursed at the standard rate of $0.67/mi.

Among other perks of the job, you’ll have:
…accrued sick leave
…interesting independent research assignments
…ample opportunities to flex your creative muscles and learn new things
…widely varied daily tasks
…a balance of quiet independence and lively collaboration
...the cooperation of a team of lovely and accomplished artists/humans
…scheduling flexibility and ability to take time off
…appreciation and respect for your individual talents and contributions
…the chance to witness the evolution of a new creative business
…access to private kitchen/bathroom/office/balcony (where you can use phones, etc)

Things to Consider
• Performance expectations are high; there’s lots to remember and learn (especially at first, and especially regarding my chemical and electrical sensitivities); you’ll have to refrain from wearing all fragrances (yup, even that one you really, really like); you’ll need to wear a mask at times of potential exposure to illness (your vaccination status is your business).

• There is a mandatory paid trial period to make sure it’s a great fit for everyone. The brief trial period pays $20/hr. Once hired, pay starts at $25/hr.

• You will receive a W-2 once officially hired (after the trial period), and paychecks are processed every 2 weeks through ADP.

• Out of state/area candidates looking to relocate to Santa Fe are welcome to apply, but will only be considered if willing and able to cover travel expenses during the interview and trial period.

• Use of AI, for both applications/cover letters and on the job if hired is strictly prohibited.

Fine Print
You must have a driver’s license and reliable transportation to/from work, live locally, have professional references, be able to pass a background check, and be willing to sign a nondisclosure form.

Please send a resume AND position-specific cover letter-- if you don't submit a cover letter, please don't expect a response. Tell me why you’re interested in the job and about your qualifications, including level of proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. Please also include your availability, as well as ideal hours and schedule.

Thank you!
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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