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It looks like the death of Jeremiah did not mean much around here. They ignored Omaree Varela, and a list of children since his death. The TV News sensationalized these deaths delivering the gory details, and other than promoting the Death Penalty, they did no further Investigations. On Facebook they allowed only the most vicious demands for punishment, while no one even asked how this could happen. CYFD stated goal is to save us money, not protect children. The Attorney General decided to ignore the issues and make it appear he was concerned about children, by changing a few Reporting Laws. The Problem was not the Reporting, it was the failure to follow up by CYFD. He also chose some safe and Politically helpful topics instead of looking at the Real Problems. His handlers figured it would be easier to prosecute Kiddy Porn, instead of the tedious work involved in Prosecuting Child Abuse.

The Courts are not Capable of Prosecuting it either. There are no big Payouts for the Lawyers, so the DA'S Office and Judges have other priorities. Children don't contribute to our "Economy" so we don't have to worry if a few are tortured to death. The Education System is telling us that Adversity builds Character, so we do not have to worry about the kids in Foster Homes or the ones being Abused, Neglected or Sexually preyed upon. We can make this positive by using another read child to raise funds for the many Non Profits that claim they are helping. If that kind of thing worked we would not be seeing so many Deaths, by over selling their "Services and Resources" and relying on funding from the very same forces that help create this, they have utterly failed.

CYFD deigned to allow a News Release a few months ago. where they claimed the Foster Care System was overwhelmed due to "Drugs." No one drew any Correlation between the cuts to Social Services 25 years ago, and the Drugs and Despair we are seeing in our communities now. The Facts are just inconvenient. They made sure that no one would be too concerned about the kids on Foster Care, after all they announced all of those families were on drugs anyway.

There was no real response to an 11 Month Old baby that died in Foster Care. The Nightly News and CYFD chose to blame the Foster Mother, after all her house was filthy. Of course CYFD approved her to care for infants. A cop even chose to play detective on that case, when the Foster Mother claimed she did nto want to take the children to the ER. He replied it was really war that day. Apparently the children were dropped off that afternoon, and the other Foster Mother claimed the children had been to a Doctor already. Police don't bother to report Child Abuse, note their is no Reporting Requirement of Police Officers, but School Janitors are required by law.

We found out from the Victoria Martins case, that Schools no longer had Nurses or Counselors, and even if they did report Suspected Child Abuse to CYFD their would be no follow up. Our Politicians decided it would save taxpayer money in the short term, if they cut these services at the Schools, replaced Social Workers with minimum wage employees, and cut funding to these kinds of services. The all claimed it was "Innovative." We can see how much this is costing now, even though most abused children do not commit crimes, they are more likely to turn the abuse inward, the "News" is complaining about "Crime." The same people that thought is was a good idea to cut funding to the schools, Incarcerate people for profit, and get rid of Social Services.

The Business Community prefers we avoid these topics, they would rather focus on "Crime." The Facts are not good for the Real Estate Industry, and don't appear to mesh with their Advertising. It was very telling that our governor put a Tourism Public Relations person in charge of CYFD. At least she always has her hair and makeup done for Interviews, while the children suffer. The same thing is going on in Washington DC, the worst possible appointees for every position. Here in New Mexico to ask how any of this is working, or to point out problems is a serious crime. Living here in Santa Fe prepared me for what is happening now in D.C. They want to run government like a business, and business has no use for children.

There is not much hope for our country, we are seeing the total breakdown of our Society. The random Non Profits and Religious Organizations have not even acknowledged the problem. In fact the same organizations that received tax payer money, because they had a good sales pitch are the same ones operating now, and still failing. They got money because they sold our Policy Makers on "Resilience" and "Grit" see it is OK if Kids are exposed to Abuse, it builds character. Contrary to what you read in the papers, New Mexico is no better than Mississippi or Alabama when it comes to the Children or any other Vulnerable Populations. Denial is a lot less expensive that fixing the problem. Don't get the idea that those "Resources on the Pull Together Website are actually available. They want us to think that Charity and Church Groups can help the kids, and no amount of proof, that this does not work, will convince them otherwise. The Happiness Movement which is all the rage around here, does not address this, but everyone believes that it does.

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